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About Me

Welcome to my website and thank you for stopping by.

I’m Samuel Da Silva, London wedding photographer, founder of Samuel Da Silva Photography.

I was born in 1978, in Sao Paulo Brazil and moved to London in 2005, where I have been living ever since. I met my wife here and welcomed my little boy into this world in London.

My passion for photography developed in the UK and with practice, I have grown into a skillful wedding photographer.

My career as a photographer started in 2009 with small events such as parties, anniversaries and so on, then moved into weddings as second photographer and in 2011 photographed my first wedding as the main photographer.

Having celebrated many happy weddings with my clients, I feel honoured that they are thrilled and delighted with the results. For me, it is very important that my clients have a wonderful wedding photography experience, from start to finish.

I have the background and knowledge when it comes to various styles of photography, but if I had to describe my style I would say it’s a mixture of reportage with contemporary photography. Every instance is captured in its essence. The results are more natural and flow from one emotion to the next, which is what most couples want to depict.

However, I am always open to suggestions when clients have other ideas. I can adjust my style to suit your requirements because after all,  I will be taking part in celebrating one of the most beautiful days of people’s lives.

Wherever you are in UK or abroad, I will be honoured to attend your special day.

I would love to welcome an opportunity for us to meet and discuss in detail your wedding.